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Can't connect Cisco 2955 to 3560G switches


Situation: The client wants to configure Cisco switch 2955 to access one of their 3560G switch. However, it doesn't work and the 2955 can't access the 3560.


Troubleshooting: Unfortunately I don't think that the switch they have will support the transceiver they would need.

Cheapest work around would be to buy this switch with this transceiver
03510543 - Switch, Cisco Catalyst Compact 2960C-8TC-L - switch - 8 ports
- managed - desktop rack-mountable wall-mountable, cost $490.00. I see 5 available.
01759579 - Transceiver, 100BASE LX SFP FOR FE PORT, cost $246.00. I see
7 available.

Or they buy another 2995 swicth.

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