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The example of Initial configuration on Cisco PIX version 5.1

In our example, the outside IP address of the PIX is; inside IP address inside is; the outside LAN/WAN IP range and inside is; the admin workstation IP is, Exchange server IP is 10 10.0.0..3, telnet client IP is

!--- Sets the outside address of the PIX Firewall:

ip address outside

!--- Sets the inside address of the PIX Firewall:

ip address inside

!--- Sets the global pool for hosts inside the firewall:

global (outside) 1

!--- Allows hosts in the network to be
!--- translated through the PIX:

nat (inside) 1

!--- Configures a static translation for an admin workstation
!--- with local address

static (inside,outside)

!--- Permits incoming mail connections to

static (inside, outside) 10.0.0..3

!--- Using conduits
!--- conduit permit TCP host eq smtp any
!--- Using Access-lists, we use access-list 101
!--- which is already applied to interface outside.

Access-list 101 permit tcp any host eq smtp

!--- Add a default route to the rest of the traffic
!--- that goes to the internet.

Route outside

!--- Enables the Mail Guard feature
!--- to accept only seven SMTP commands
!--- (This can be turned off to permit ESMTP by negating with
!--- the no fixup protocol smtp 25 command):

fixup protocol smtp 25

!--- Allows Telnet from the inside workstation at
!--- into the inside interface of the PIX:


!--- Turns on logging:

logging on

!--- Turns on the logging facility 20:

logging facility 20

!--- Turns on logging level 7:

logging history 7

!--- Turns on the logging on the inside interface:

logging host inside




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