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The example of Initial configuration on Cisco PIX using ASDM

The Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM) is web-based design connect to and manage a PIX/ASA using a web browser.

Note: Before you launch the Startup Wizard, make sure you obtain a DES license or a 3DES-AES license; enable Java and Javascript in your web browser; gather the following information; a unique hostname, the IP addresses of your outside interface, inside interface, and any other interfaces to be configured.

To use the Startup Wizard to set up a basic configuration for the security appliance, please  following steps:

1) Use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer to the inside port (Ethernet 1) on the PIX 515.

2) Configure your PC to use DHCP or statics

Note The PIX ships with a default IP address of

3) Start ASDM by running URL:

4) . In the window that requires you to choose the method you want to use to run the ASDM software, choose either to download the ASDM launcher or to run the ASDM software as a Java applet.

5) In the dialog box that requires a username and password, leave both fields empty. Press Enter.

6) Click Yes to accept the certificates. Click Yes for all subsequent authentication and certificate dialog boxes.

7) From the Wizards menu, choose Startup Wizard.

8) Follow the instructions in the Startup Wizard to set up your security appliance.

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