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Troubleshooting Cisco Site to Site VPN connectivity issue - Resolution with screenshots


Situation: The client has a site to site VPN to transfer SQL data. It losses the connection randomly.



You have to Install a Syslog Server in one computer or server that has connectivity with the ASA. What is a Syslog server, It keep all the logs information in the ASA, to check after any kind of problems in the configuration.

So you need to press that link below to install the necessary software.


So you are going to see at the bottom of the page this, you are going to fill the country and email and press download, in order to get the free version.

After download the program you install it in one of the computer that you want to use as syslog server.

You are going to see a window like this when you install the program, you are going to select file, then set up.

Like this:

hen you select Inputs, and in the box where you see, you are going to put their address of the outside interface of the ASA if the syslog server that you installed was on a computer that is located in the remote side(in that case the ip address would be, and click add. But if the computer that you select is behind the ASA in the local network you have to put the ip address of the inside interface (that would be


Then you select UDP, and you are going to reeplace the box that says Bind to address with the ip address of the computer where you installed the syslog server.

You click ok and apply.

Thatís the steps to set up a syslog server like I told you before, itís going to keep all the relevant info about errors in the ASA.

Now I want you to access to the CLI in the ASA and put these commands please to complete the process.

Then set up this commands on the ASA to send the logs to the server:

- logging enable

-logging timestamp

- logging class vpnc trap debugging

- logging host <interface_name> x.x.x.x <- Here x.x.x.x means the IP address of the syslog server.

Thatís all

The next time you have frequents problems with the vpn client you can send me the vpn client logs coping for the vpn client and also you copy the ASA logs if you start the Kiwi syslog program and copy all the information that you see in the box.













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