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How to enable RADIUS authentication on Cisco switches


RADIUS authentication allow domain users to login Cisco Switch and read and/or edit the configuration based on their group rights. To enable RADIUS authentication on Cisco switch, use these command lines:.



Conf t

aaa authorization exec default group radius if-authenticated
radius-server host key xxxxxxxx
privilege exec level 2 show config

line vty 0 4
login authentication ActiveDirectory
authorization exec default

Note: is the IASIP address in our example.

To add a RADIUS client on Devices1, logon Devices1. Run IAS.

Right click on RADIUS Client and select New RADIUS Client.



Enter Friendly name and cliet IP address or DNS name.


After click Verify, enter Shared secret keys.

Click Finish to save the settings.


Now, login the switch use your domain credentials.

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