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How to Upgrade Cisco Aironet 1200 AP to Lightweight Mode


1. Download UpgradeToolv30.exe and c1200-rcvk9w8-tar.123-11JX1.tar from Cisco.
2. Double click on UpgradeToolv30.exe to install it.

3. Create a IP File for accessing AP. For example the file name ipfile.txt that has IP addess,username,user password,enable password. This is example of my IP file:,blin,mypassword,enablepassword.

4. Run UploadTool.

5. In the IP File, enter the path of ipfile.txt you just created.
6. In Upgrade Options, you will have have these options; Use WAN Link, All APs to DHCP and Retain Hostname on APs.
7. In the LWAPP Recovery Image, check Use UpgradeTool TFTP Server and the location of c1200-rcvk9w8-tar.123-11JX1.tar.

8. In the Controller Details, enter the Controller IP adders, username and password.

9. Select other options you want to setup and click Start to upgrade.


10. If you receive ACL/Firewall might be block the FTFP message, you can try to turn off the local computer firewall to continue the upgrade.

11. If the upgrade is successful, you will receive Upgrade process completed message as shown below.



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