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Welcome to www.howtocisco.com, an online resource to assist people who are preparing to be or already are network engineers. This website provides a place to learn and share real Cisco troubleshooting network problems. It contains many valuable articles, cases, tools and examples of how to configure Cisco PIX/ASA, Router, Switch, VLAN, VPN and Wireless.

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We have a collection of explanations and suggestions on how to resolve Cisco issues and will continue to add more.

For those network engineers who would like to share their insights, concerns and solutions, they can visit this forum. Besides Cisco, this network forum is also a place to discuss the issues of Windows OS, computer network, Internet access, remote access and wireless.

Allow one VLAN access to another VLAN We have 3 VLAN in our Cisco 3750G switch. VLAN 1 for domain network, VLAN 2 for student and VLAN 3 for public

Allow a server access a printer in different VLAN Here is the current configuration. Get access denied when login Cisco using putty aaa new-model

Unrecognized command: srr-queue bandwidth share 10 10 60 20 Run auto qos trust

How to show Cisco switch configuration? sh run int gi1/0/39

How do I list all user accounts in Cisco switch? run show run | i username...

Can't print with Cisco VPN enabled  The home network is and the office network is

One of Cisco VPN clients can't access one server Enable client-bypass-protocol from group policy to eliminate the mobile hotspot issue with AnyConnect adapter with the following command.

How to enable logging and view the traffics in Cisco ASA Click Monitoring tab.

How to enable or disable logging in Cisco ASA Device Management>Logging>Logging Setup.

How to install Cisco AnyConnect Client - Step by step with screenshots 

How to establish Cisco AnyConnect using website - Step by step with screenshots 

How to install License in Cisco ASA show activation-key

How to check Cisco ASA licenses? run "show activation-key" command

How to check who is using Cisco VPN Go to Monitoring>VPN>VPN Statistics>Sessions.

Don't see the VPN sessions in VPN Monitoring If you switch to All Remote Access, you should see all of them.

Cisco VPN Error 27850: Unable to manage networking component increase the value to 14 in

How to modify DNS settings in Cisco ASA - Step by step with screenshots Device Management>DNS.>DNS Client.

Can't configure ASA using ASDM after upgrade Java to 7 You must use Java 6.5 to manage and configure ASA.

Cisco ASA commands to allow and deny public access After you are done with the rest of the IP address you have to deny an ip any hosts

Troubleshooting syn flood attacks What we did is configure connection session max numbers

Cisco command to deny public access to private server Access-list ''name of the access list being used on the outside'' line 1 deny tcp host x.x.152.51 host x.x.0.132

Configuration Examples for Connection Limits and Timeouts on ASA  To prevent TCP SYN packets, we can configure Connection Limits and Timeouts on ASA

How to configure SonicWall as a Bridgeow go to Network>Interface. Configure X0 and X1 port.

Design for setup SonicWall as Bridge behind Cisco ASA They would like to add one SonicWall NSA 2400 to  use these features: intrusion prevention, gateway anti-virus, and anti-spyware.

Check the status of site to site VPN on Cisco ASA use show crypto isa sa

Change site to site VPN IP address All in configuration mode;

Cisco VPN Firmware for site to site VPN to Azure

Design for setup SonicWall as Bridge behind Cisco ASA We recommend them to setup SonicWall as bridge as shown below.

Cisco VPN Reason 413: Authentication failed

CNA error: access denied - Step by step with screenshots Check Run this program as a administrator

Troubleshooting Cisco Site to Site VPN connectivity issue - Resolution with screenshots It losses the connection randomly.

How to use Solarwinds to monitor ASA connecvity - Step by step with screenshots Run these  these commands on the ASA to send the logs to the server:

Can't configure "switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q" Invalid input detected at

New switch can't ping a VLAN

CNA message: "The embedded TFTP server cannot start". It could be third party TFTP is running.

What's Cisco port channel The Cisco port channel bundles up to eight individual interfaces into a group to provide increased bandwidth and redundancy.

Cisco VPN  Error reason 442: failed to enable Virtual Adapter on Windows 8.1 - Step by step with screenshots To fix it, run reedit. Go to Registry Key

recover password of Cisco switch without loosing config

CNA shows 2960 switch as Unsupported Device Try CNA 5.6 RC1.

How to Recover Password in Cisco switch 290/3560? Holding Mode button on top left of cisco 2960/3560 switch for 3 seconds

How to reset Cisco 2960/3560 switch to Factory Default Holding Mode button on cisco 2960/3560 switch for over 5 seconds.

New switch can't ping public IP address make sure you add the default gateway

To connect two Cisco Switches, do I need crossover cable? Yes or no

ASA Access list- allow an outside host to access an inside access-group OUTSIDE in interface outside

ASA Access lists: NAT used for inside to access outside access-group INSIDE in interface inside

MAC address table of the Cisco ASA is always empty if MAC learning has been disabled, enable it.

how many failover groups are supported on the Cisco ASA

Cisco ASA Access List Types There are five types of access control lists on Sisco ASA:

which syslog level will produce the most messages debugging

which traffic can pass through a Cisco ASA ARP

Configure the IPv4 Address on failover ASA ip address standby

How to configure the Date and Time on Cisco ASA Specifies the start and end dates for daylight saving time

What's default ASA login password and how to change it By default, the login password is "cisco"

Example of creating DHCP with DNS and WINS in Cisco ASA

example configures 3 VLAN interfaces in Cisco ASA

Configuring a Redundant Interface in Cisco ASA Configuring a Redundant Interface creates a pair of physical interfaces

Understanding ASA 5505 Ports and Interfaces The ASA 5505 ASA comes with a built-in switch

Configure Resource limits on Cisco ASA By default, the default class provides unlimited access to resources for all contexts

How to Restore Single Context Mode on Cisco ASA To copy the backup version of your original running configuration to the current startup configuration

Where and how context mode configuration saved The context mode (single or multiple) is not stored in the configuration file

How to configure multiple NAT on Cisco ASA You are prompted to reboot the ASA.

Why do you need Security Contexts in Cisco ASA You are a large enterprise or a college campus and want to keep departments completely separate

Two Firewall modes in Cisco ASA Cisco ASA can be configured as routed firewall mode or transparent firewall mode

How to prevent loops in Cisco ASA To prevent loops using the spanning tree protocol.

Cisco ASA default configuration The DHCP server is enabled on the ASA

How to Upgrade License for an ASA Failover Pair

What's Cisco ASA inside VLAN 1 default IP and interface The VLAN 1 IP address and mask are and

What are ASA outside VLAN 2 interface and how to assign IP Cisco ASA outside VLAN 2 interface uses the Ethernet 0/0 switch port

What's Cisco ASA firewall can do

How to restore Factory Default Configuration on Cisco ASA

What's TCP normalization feature on Cisco ASA Cisco ASA TCP normalization feature identifies abnormal packets when they are detected

MPF CLI command "set connection advanced-options"

How to upgrade Firmware on Cisco SG switch Login Cisco Switch and navigate to Administration>File management>Upgrade/Backup Firmware.

Upgrading Cisco SG switch gets "illegal format"   upgrade the boot loader first before attempting the firmware

Where to enable/disable Telnet, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS in Cisco SG300 Switch Navigate to Security>TCP/UDP Services. You have options to setup Telnet, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS.

Where to manage Access Authentication in Cisco SG300 Navigate to Security>Mgmt Access Method>Management Access Authentication.

Where to setup System Time on Cisco SG300 Switch Navigate to Administration>Time Settings.

What's default username & password for Cisco SG300 switch The default username is Cisco and the default password is cisco.

Cisco switch still runs old version after upgrade After upgrade, the new image only replaces the image identified as the inactive image.

How to manage ASA Failover - Step by step with screenshots Click Device Management.

Do I change IP address when re-connect upgraded ASA No, you don't.

How do I re-connect upgraded ASA back to Failover The correct way to do is plug the failover cable first and make sure both ASA sync and failover status OK

Can't access ASA after upgrading If you upgrade the standalone ASA that used to be Failover ASA

Access problem when Upgrading failover ASA you need to unplug all cables, outside and DMZ.

How to upgrade Failover Cisco ASA from 8.2 to 8.4

Can't access Web server behind NAT  - Step by step with screenshots You need to cerate Access Rule on outside

How does ASA handle NAT incoming and outgoing traffics By design, all outgoing traffics go out via generic PAT,

How to create Access Rule in Cisco ASA using ASDM - Step by step with screenshots Click Add and select Add Access Rule.

How to create Static NAT Rule in Cisco ASA using ASDM - Step by step with screenshots

How to create a Network Object in Cisco ASA using ASDM- Step by step with screenshots In the right pane, click Add under Address.

How to configure 1-to-1 NAT on Cisco ASA for a web server - Step by step with screenshots Web server uses DMZ default gateway and the Cisco ASA will take care of the translation.

How to modify boot order in Cisco ASA - Step by step with screenshots click edit to change the image Boot Order.

How to upgrade ISO on Cisco ASA - Step by step with screenshots  click Tools and select Upgrade Software from Local Computer.

Can't run Cisco ASDM after upgrading ASA ISO You need ASDM 6.4(3) and later

Table of ASA and ASDM Compatibility

 How can I switch between Primary and Secondary ASA The "no failover active" command is entered on the active unit, or the "failover active" command is entered on the standby unit.

Can't access ASA using https  http server enable

Cisco ASDM hangs ASDM is 32-bit so it needs the 32-bit JRE - not 64-bit

How to install Xenapp Virtual Delivery Agent for Windows Server  - Step by step with screenshots In Core Components, check Citrix Receiver and then Next.

What's firewall

What's DMZ in network?

How to change IP address on HP switch without restarting  - Step by step with screenshots The DHCP server will assign the IP to the switch without restarting..

CCENT Questions

Where is encapsulation used in OSI model Layers in the sending station

Communications model best describes network operation DoD (Department of Defense)

SMTP, FTP, TFTP, ICMP, ARP ARE application layer or 7.

Key piece of information on which routing decision routing decisions are based is destination network layer or layer 3

Hub, repeater, bridge and router hub and repeater are layer 1, bridge is layer 2, router is layer 3.

Placement of DTE and DCE in WAN

Common WAN services supported by Cisco equipments

Four general rules of OSI model Created dada move down.

The Application Layer is Layer 7 which provides communication functionality such as SMTP.

The Presentation Layer is Layer 6 which is readable and in the proper format such as ASCII, MPEG, JPEG and GIF.

The Session layer is Layer 5 which requests and responses between two or more stations

OSI (Open System Interconnection) 7 Layer Model

What's OSI stand for OSI is stand for Open System Interconnect.

What's the PDU stand for PDU is stand for Protocol data unit

It doesn't show the new VLAN You need to end the configuration mode first and run show command.

Can you use space for VLAN name? No, you can't. Or you give a quotation, for example "this is a test"

Operation mode down and err_disable: psecure-violation was detected To fix it, run shutdown and no shutdown.

How to cerate Voice VLAN in Cisco switch switchport voice vlan vlan-id

The Transport Layer is Layer 4 Layer is establishing end-to-end connection oriented communications.

layer 3 or network Layer is routable Protocol Routable Protocol is different from Routing Protocol. Routing Information Protocol (RIP) and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) are the example of Routing Protocol.

What's LLC stand for LLC is top sub-layer of Data Link Layer or layer 2.

What's MAC stand for MAC is sub-layer of data Link layer or layer 2.

What's TCP/IP stand for TCP/IP is stand for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol.

How to restrict some user to access Cisco VPN The simple solution is use dial-in in Active Directory users and computers or NPS network policy.

Network devices keep losing connection restart all Cisco switches.

How to connect Cisco and HP switches using Fiber Transceiver  - Step by step with screenshots In the port of Cisco switch, run these command to configure trunk.

Example of HP ProCurve Switch configuration - Step by step with screenshots Configuration VLAN and Trunk

How to configure trunk in HP ProCurve Switch - Step by step with screenshots Highlight the Port you want to configure trunk and click Modify Selected Ports.

How to enable/disable a port in HP ProCurve Switch - Step by step with screenshots Highlight the Port you want to enable or disable.

Cisco VPN client can't establish VPN after rebooting router Run xlate to clear translation & connection

How to clear translation & connection cache in Cisco device run the "clear xlate" command in privileged EXEC mode

How to configure Cisco switch login using Local User

How can I hide the password in Cisco configuration?

The Cisco Three-Layered Connectivity Hierarchical This layer is considered the backbone of the network and includes the high-end switches and high-speed cables such as fiber cables.

An interface whose trunk encapsulation is "Auto" can not be configured to "trunk" mode with screenshot when attempting to configure trunk mode in Cisco switch,

Trunk mode shows desirable with screenshot when running show interface trunk,

How to modify date and time on Cisco WLC - Step by step with screenshots Login Cisco WLS Controller.

Can't delete IP Address from Cisco ASA because is used - Step by step with screenshots When attempting to delete a IP Address from Cisco ASA Firewall, you may receive this message:

Can't delete Network Objects/group from Cisco ASA because is used - Step by step with screenshots When attempting to delete Network Objects/Group from Cisco ASA Firewall,

Cisco Wireless AP is not stable

iPad can't access Cisco 1310 AP because of WPAv2 - troubleshooting with screenshots The client was setup their Cisco 1310 AP to using WPAv2.

Can't login some admin accounts - troubleshooting with screenshots but only default admin account can login web utility.

Cisco Wireless AP is not stable  Situation: the client has 6 Cisco 1241 wireless APs with 3 SSIDs in the building.

Cisco AP IOS update using Cisco WLC We have 25 1421 AP running IOS version 12.4(18a)JA managed with Cisco 2504 WLC version

Wireless client can't get IP address from DHCP As I understand from the case description you a have 1242AG AP configured with three SSIDs on three different VLANs, but only wireless clients connecting to the SSID on VLAN 300 are not getting an IP address from the DHCP server.

Can't change the Public Interface using Cisco ASDM

A client tries to modify an access rule and he wants to change outside to a public IP address in the access rule source.

Backup/restore switch configuration using TFTP

Issue copy running-config tftp: command.

Allow all VLANs access DMZ in Cisco ASA A client have multiple VLANs in tier network. They setup rule on Cisco ASA to allow LAN 1 to access the DMZ only. Now, they want to allow all VLANs to be able to access the DMZ.

Wireless Devices can't access the Internet - Resolution with screenshots The wireless signal is strong and wireless devices can get IP address, but no devices can't access to the Internet.

How to configure  Cisco  RV180W - Step by step with screenshots You will have options to Run Setup Wizard, check the Status, setup VPN and Firewall.

How to configure NAT in Cisco RV180W - Step by step with screenshots Login RV180W Router using IE.

Router for multiple public IP addresses go into LAN - The client has a Cisco RVS4000.

Multiple Internal Web Server RV042 We have setup a new internal web server so now we have two internal web server and both or hosting sites on port 80.

Can't connect to VLAN in HP ProCourve Switch - The client follow this article to setup VLAN on HP ProCurve Switch:  

After rebooting HP ProCurve switch, I lost the settings I configure HP ProCurve Switch and applied the settings.

Copy HP ProCurve Switch configuration to another switch We bought 20 HP ProCurve Switches and have configured one swicth

How to run ping test in HP ProCurve Switch - Step by step with screenshots: Click Diagnostics and then Ping/Link Test.

How to Upload /Download Configuration File in HP ProCurve Switch - Step by step with screenshots: 1. Login HP Switch using Web Browser Interface.

Initial configuration of HP switch We just bought some HP switches. How can we find IP and configure it?

How to configure HP Switch talks to Cisco Switch: In this example, Cab 5 cable connects between port 1 of Cisco switch and port 1 HP switch.

How to configure a VLAN port in HP ProCourve Switch - Step by step with screenshot: Configure a VLAN in HP ProCurve Switch using Web Browser Interface

Configure Access Control Lists on Cisco WLC: Click Security>Access Control Lists.

How to create a WLAN on Cisco WLC: Select Create New and click Go

How to configure multiple SSID using one port on Cisco WLC Enter the Interface Name and VLAN ID. In most cases, the VLAN ID is 0 or Untagged.

Web Auth doesn't work: We are running Cisco WLC 2504. I follow this article to enable Web Auth.

How to use CLI to upload/download configuration in Cisco WLAN Controller: Enter the login information and upload (download) commands command as below.

How to use GUI to upload/download configuration in Cisco WLC: You may receive a warning: The Configuration File encryption snot enable if you don't check the Configuration File Encryption. Click OK to start the upload.

Cisco AP disappears from the WLAN Controller The client tries to add Cisco AP to their new Cisco WLAN Controller 2504.

All wirelesses work except enterprise wireless The client tries to create a multiple SSIDs on Cisco WLC by following this link:

Can't convert Cisco 1300 AP to a lightweight AP The client tries to convert their Cisco1300 outdoor AP to a lightweight AP, but it popup "Ceck username password, enable password and re-try".

Can't convert Cisco Non-root AP to Lightweight AP the client tries to convert their 1300 Cisco Non-root Outdoor AP to Lightweight AP. It said Upgrade process completed, but it doesn't and it is still regular AP not lightweight AP.

How to configure multiple SSID on Cisco WLC: Enter the Interface Name and VLAN ID. In most cases, the VLAN ID is 0 or Untagged.

AP problem after adding Cisco WLC V7 to a network Situation: After enabling the DHCP Proxy in Cisco WLC by following this instruction:

How to Enable or Disable DHCP Proxy in Cisco WLC V7: Double click on the AP you want to manage.

How to Monitor and Manage WLC in Cisco Wireless Control System Select Controller.

How to Setup WLC Telnet and SSH in Cisco Wireless Control System Click Configure.

How to Monitor and Manage APs in Cisco Wireless Control System Click Monitor or Configure.

How to Manage Cisco Wireless Control System You have these options to manage: Monitor, Reports, Security, Mesh, ClearAir, and ContextAware.

How to Configure AP High Availability on Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Click WIRELESS or MONITIR.

How to Configure AP on Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Login WLC.

How to Add and Configure AP on Cisco Wireless Control System Login WCS.

How to Configure Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Web Authentication for Public Access: Create a VLAN Interface, refer to this page:

How to configure interface in Cisco WLC: Login Cisco WLC.

Problem with AP behind firewall talking to WLC  a. Make sure the FW is open for udp 5246 and 5247 ports required for the capwap process.

A Cisco 1250 AP is not able to join the controller Solution: This is because the Cisco 1250 series LAP is not supported on version 4.1.

Troubleshoot tool for AP can't join Cisco WLC You may try to use Syslog Servers to Troubleshoot the LAP Join Process

DHCP issues on Cisco WLC With the DHCP server address being (typical virtual IP address on a controller), the controller can intercept that packet and quickly respond to Windows.

Is it possible run a Cisco WLC without a WCS?  The WLC can be completely configured and operated without the WCS

How to reset Cisco WLC The Reset button is located on the front panel of the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller

Cisco WLC and WCS Issues

Cisco WLC and WCS How to

Cisco WCS License invalid I just installed Cisco WCS license on our WCS V7, but the License Center says the license is invalid. Why?

Cannot add WLC to WCS I have just installed WCS demo, and am trying to add a WLC to it. I keep getting the error :-

Cisco WLC: No response from device When attempting to add Cisco WLC on Cisco WCS, you may receive this message:No response from device, check SNMP communities, version or network for issues.

Can’t add Controller over VPN in WCS v6.0.132.0  I use WCS v6.0.132.0 to manage my 4402 and 2106 controller both running version

Management Interface in Cisco WLC: The management interface is the default interface for in−band management of the controller

Virtual Interface in Cisco WLC: The virtual interface is used to support mobility management, DHCP relay,

Setup Cisco WLC 2504 Using Startup Wizard System Name [Cisco_e2:6d:84] (31 characters max): WLC2504

How to reset Cisco WLC to factory defaults I have Cisco WLC 2504 and try to reset to factory defaults. But it always ask me the user and it doesn't reset. Why?

How to View the status of port security Once you've configured port security and the Ethernet device on that port has sent traffic,

How to Configure port security Configuring the Port Security feature is relatively easy.

What's Cisco Port Security In its most basic form, the Port Security feature remembers the Ethernet MAC address connected to the switch port

Connecting Cisco WLC Console Port: Before you can configure the controller for basic operations, you need to connect it to a PC that uses

Required Tools and Information for configuring Cisco WLC: You will need the following tools and information before you can install the controller:

Forgot WCS root password: You may try this procedure:

How to copy configuration of one AP to another through WCS: From the WCS GUI, Configure > Access Point > Copy and Replace AP

HTTP Status 404 - /webacs/welcomeAction.do : We are running WCS V4 on Windows 2003. We can't access WCS website with this error: HTTP Status 404

Failed to install WCS 2.2: Situation: The client tries to install Cisco WCS 2.2 on Windows 2003. It failed to install it.

Can't see Cisco WCS Programs group in Start: This can be because the user is logged on with a different user account than the one used to install WCS as a service

Cisco WCS stops running:  Here are collections of the Cisco WCS fails to start up.

How to add a Cisco WLS Controller to WCS: Go to Configure>Controllers.

How to install license in Cisco WCS: Go to Help>Licensing.

How to Install Cisco WCS: This installation is based on version 4.2.128.

How to Upgrade Cisco Aironet 1200 AP to Lightweight Mode: Download UpgradeToolv30.exe and c1200-rcvk9w8-tar.123-11JX1.tar from Cisco.

How to Save Cisco WLS Controller Configuration: Login Cisco WLS Controller.

Does Cisco WLS Controller support 1231 AP: We have over 30 Cisco 1231 AP. We would like to buy a Cisco Wireless Controller 2501 to manage all APs.

VPN users can't access OWA or Outlook: The client was working on the Failover Exchange and added CAS servers to a new VLAN. After that, VPN users have a problem to access OWA or Outlook. Internet user opens OWA no problem.

How can I add two IP addresses to Access Rule in Cisco ASA: I have follow this instruction to create a access rule in our ASA5510.

How to configure Access Rule in Cisco ASA: Login ASDM.

Can't assign public IP address to an access rule on Cisco ASA: A client tries to modify an access rule and he wants to change outside to a public IP address in the access rule source.

VTP VLAN configuration not allowed when device is in CLIENT: :When attempting to add a vlan to local database, you may receive this message:
Some VLANs don’t on some switches: We have over 30 Cisco 3560 switches and over 10 VLANs on our network.

Can I setup banner in Cisco ASA:  To configure the ASDM, session, login, or message-of-the-day banner,

Laptop can't access Wireless Bridge:   Our client follows this instruction How to configure Cisco Wireless Bridge

Problem to setup Non-Root Bridge:  I get the error: "Set Infrastructure SSID' must be configured in order to set the 'Role in Radio Network'

How to configure Cisco Wireless Bridge: Follow this link to assign IP address to the Cisco Wireless AP

Some wireless SSID don't work: The client has some Cisco 1200 and 1300 wireless AP configured 2 SSID, Private (WPA Enterprise and Pubic.

How to enable RADIUS authentication on Cisco switches: RADIUS authentication allow domain users to login Cisco Switch and read and/or edit the configuration based on their group rights.

Cisco VPN requirement for Android devices:  Cisco ASA New features in 8.4(2)

Cisco VPN Reason 429: Unable to resolve server address:  The Cisco VPN client can't establish the VPN connection with this message: Reason 429: Unable to resolve server address.

Cisco VPN client errors: Another VPN client activates and the router limits only connection.

VPN Client Reason Code: This table lists and describes VPN Client reason messages with troubleshooting.

Cisco VPN Reason 429: Unable to resolve server addressThe Cisco VPN client can't establish the VPN connection

Cisco Switch: Unexpected BPDU received. Port has been Disabled: “This feature was first implemented to handle special collision situations in which the switch detected excessive or late collisions on a port. Excessive collisions occur when a frame is dropped because the switch encounters 16 collisions in a row”.

Cisco Wireless is not stable: The client has 5 Cisco APs in their Cisco Wireless LAN Controller. The wireless keeps dropping and no stable

NAP with Cisco Routers: I have some users, which are connected to my network via VPN. VPN terminated on Cisco router. Users use PPTP VPN to connect to the office network. I want to use NAP for this clients. Does any one tried this?

W2k8 NPS as a RADIUS server for a Cisco router: I currently have W2k3 IAS configured as a RADIUS server for our VPN clients connecting to a Cisco 2811 router.

Find out which device is using public IP address: the client has over 30 public IP addresses. They can ping all IP addresses, but they don't think they use all of them. They would like to find out which devices are using them.

Enterprise Wireless keeps popup for credentials: The client follow this "How to set up a Cisco Enterprise Wireless Using NPS in Microsoft Active Directory"

Cisco Enterprise Wireless doesn't work: but can't make it work. The wireless keeps popup for credentials. The problem is he doesn't know  this Cisco AP configuration issue or IAS issue.

How to set up a Cisco Enterprise Wireless Using NPS in Microsoft Active Directory: Configure Cisco 1242 AP by following this artcle: How to configure a new Cisco 1242 wireless AP

The example of Initial configuration on Cisco PIX using ASDM: The Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM) is web-based design connect to and manage a PIX/ASA using a web browser.

The example of Initial configuration on Cisco PIX version 5.1: In our example, the outside IP address of the PIX is; inside IP address inside is; the outside LAN/WAN IP range and inside is; the admin workstation IP is, Exchange server IP is 10 10.0.0..3, telnet client IP is

How to backup/restore HP swicth config using TFTP:  To backup HP ProCurve witch configuration using TFTP, please follow these steps

How to configure a VLAN port in HP ProCourve Switch using Web Utility: Select the port and Mode to Untagged, which is the port that will be used the specified VLAN, port 4 and VLAN 100 in our example.

How to configure VLAN in HP ProCurve Switch: In this example, we will configure port 21 for VLAN 100

Cisco Switch Initial Configuration: Here are the example of configuring Cisco switch 2995

How to configure channel in Cisco AP: Q: All our Cisco 1200 AP are setup to use lease congested Frequency. However, our security want to use clear channel 1 to 6. How do you configure Cisco AP to use channel 9?

Can't connect Cisco 2955 to 3560G switches: The client wants to configure Cisco switch 2955 to access one of their 3560G switch. However, it doesn't work and the 2955 can't access the 3560.

Can't establish Cisco VPN with HASH payload can't be verified:  Situation: when trying to establish the VPN, the user receives this error: Sev=Warning/3 IKE/0xE3000056. The received HASH payload cannot be verified

How to configure channel in Cisco AP: Q: All our Cisco 1200 AP are setup to use lease congested Frequency. However, our security want to use clear channel 1 to 6. How do you configure Cisco AP to use channel 9?

Configure Cisco Switch for Dell NIC Teaming: We created NIC Teaming in Dell PowerEdge R710 server. The two NICs are connecting to the Cisco switch 3560G without any issues. If we unplug one cable, the server still works and connects to the network. Do we need to configure EtherChannel on those two ports.

Cisco: Wireless client can't receive the IP: Situation: The client tries to setup Cisco wireless 1310 bridge. The client can receive the signal but can't logon the domain. Ipconfig shows the client can't receive IP from the DHCP server and the IP is 169.254.x.x.


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